Isn’t it time you made your corporate meetings more engaging?

Not only is our Enterprise Engagement Platform a destination for all your corporate resources – we offer a similar platform to engage your employees during all your meetings and events. No matter how large or how small the meeting, engaging the audience is critical. Why? Engagement generates excitement, it builds employee commitment and it allows them to be part of something bigger. And, engagement doesn’t just start when attendees arrive at the meeting - it begins with registration and carries out all the way through to post-meeting events. And just think about all the time and money your organization can save when you no longer need to print and ship those materials to the meeting venue.

Here’s what you can do for your next live meeting:

  • Manage the registration process and generate excitement before the meeting even begins.
  • House meeting materials such as slides, workshop content, audio, videos, and photos.
  • Create personalized agendas for groups, teams, and even down to the individual attendee.
  • Drive social activity and networking with our live communication feeds and interactive directories.
  • Create interactive workshops, contests, games, and real-time certifications.
  • Allow for push-notifications to communicate updates, changes, and important announcements.
  • Create team competitions using QR codes, assessments, and knowledge checks.
  • Generate live Q&A sessions for employees to ask questions of your panel and speakers.
  • Gauge employees in real-time with our polling feature and Audience Response System (ARS).
  • Conduct post-session reviews and post-meeting surveys to increase overall response rates.

Live Meeting Engagement Strategy
– A Solution Worth Repeating

It all started on a plane on the way to a product launch. Scrolling through the app in preparation for the event – the app caught the eye of the passenger sitting next to me. After a short review of all the interactive elements and engagement activities we had planned for this event, they were convinced this was exactly what their organization needed, and they were right! Their first event was only a few short months later and as one attendee wrote in their post-meeting feedback, “this took our organization to a whole new level.” After all, this was their first QR code patient journey – each day a new QR code was placed in the meeting space and provided stories, photos, and information about a specific patient. Their workshops and training materials were directly tied into those stories to understand the value their product provides patients. The last day of the meeting, we brought that story to life by introducing that same patient and bringing them up to the stage to share their story live at the closing session. Those emotional connections to the audience and experiences that tie together the overall meeting message, is one of the reasons why we exist. Since that initial plane ride, we’ve supported all their meetings. They continue to challenge us to take their meetings to new heights. We’ve broadcasted interactive sessions across 35 breakout rooms, utilized live Q&A and polling showing all results in real time. With our roots firmly in the meeting and event space, our platform began as a pioneering meeting app in the early days of mobile and our innovation journey never ends!