We offer a variety of additional services to our customers just to make their day-to-day a little easier...

Here are just a few examples:



Our learning design team specializes in taking existing content and creating more interactive and engaging solutions. Our years of learning and design experience provides the instructional excellence your audience requires.


Training can have a significant impact on the organization and the bottom line - but proving that has not always been easy - until now! We can help you show clear metrics to justify the investment in learning and the impact on the organization.


Continually searching for relevant and engaging learning resources such as articles, videos, blogs, podcasts, etc. can be time consuming. We can provide a mix of resources catering to the four sensory modalities and ensure alignment with specific competencies or skills.


Our Solutions and Learning consultants have years of expertise and can help you solve your most critical business issues. Some examples of our services include:

  • ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY - We develop broad, long-term solutions to solve business challenges such as large training initiatives, training redesign, brand strategy, immersive training, etc.

  • CREATING STRATEGIC ALIGNMENT - We partner with you to understand organizational goals and assess organizational performance against those goals and make training recommendations.

  • PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT - We gain an understanding of the courses currently offered and use a portfolio rationalization model to evaluate and recommend which courses to keep, revise or remove from your offerings.

  • COLLABORATION DESIGN - To drive engagement you must start with the overall design. Our experts can help you create collaborative environments for your next workshop, meeting, or live event.

  • CONTENT DEVELOPMENT - We work closely with you to design and develop custom training courses to meet your learning objectives and drive audience engagement - from Classroom, E-learning, Virtual-ILT, custom videos, etc.

  • CONTENT DELIVERY - We can assist you with sourcing SMEs and Professional Facilitators to deliver your content for a variety of audiences across industry.

  • REPORTING AND ANALYSIS -Providing measurement services and executive level reporting to determine whether your training is producing the intended results, the investment in training is money well spent, and to generate sufficient documentation for internal audits or regulatory reviews.

  • TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATION - Introducing technology can be intimidating. Let our team of experts show you how using technology can reduce the overall cost of training, improve the effectiveness of training, and increase the efficiency of the training organization.

  • TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY - We review and analyze your existing systems and develop a roadmap to simplify and cut overall technology costs. From LMS integration to making hardware and software decisions - our experts are there to help.