Whether you are preparing for the launch of a new product or simply pushing to hit that big annual sales target - it’s imperative your sales team has the comprehensive knowledge required and are adequately prepared to deliver a strong message to the customers they call on. Our Skills Lab captures performance metrics and measures core skills through application activities such as custom interactions, role-plays, knowledge checks, competitions, and assessments. By utilizing the latest in technology, we can produce metrics to instantly identify and address performance, knowledge, and skill gaps. Heat maps and individual coaching reports are just samples of our standard reporting capabilities that take individual and team performance to another level. Skill Labs can be run at an event or even deployed remotely offering you the utmost flexibility. Performance data is critical to ensure your team is ready to deliver!


But wait! Our Skills Lab is NOT limited to just your sales force. Ask about our other custom Skills Lab offerings:

  • Leadership Skills Lab to measure and drive performance of your leadership team.
  • Customer Service Skills Lab to gain valuable insight on individual performance and the impact your team has on your customers.
  • Management Skills Lab to identify those high potential candidates for future management positions.

Sales Skills Lab
We helped our client's sales capabilities grow & evolve and they went all the way to # 1!

A client approached us to ensure their sales team was adequately prepared to:

  • Aggressively position their product in the marketplace
  • Seamlessly handle customer objections/concerns while utilizing the latest resources.
  • Be fluent in handling difficult product-related issues.

Our Sales Skills lab utilized the latest in iPad technology to drive engagement and provide powerful performance metrics using our executive reporting capabilities. The results were not only eye-opening but the reports were so specific they were immediately able to focus their attention on critical skills that needed improving across the entire team. In addition, the morning following the Skills Lab, we provided the Regional Directors and District Managers individual reports to allow them to focus on coaching specific areas needing development during the breakouts with their teams. The following year, their customers rated them the #1 sales team in the nation with the highest received rating on knowledge and skill of their overall team. Our client recognized what got them there. Today, the Sales Skills Lab is a staple at every National Sales meeting and we are proud to continue growing our partnership with them.