How can you save time, money, and reduce your environmental footprint?

Not only has our Enterprise Engagement Platform become a big part of our clients “Go Green” initiative – but it’s so user friendly, organizations have come to depend on it. With the inherent ability to track users and vary content based on an individual credentials, the Enterprise Engagement Platform is the perfect tool for companies to manage and distribute content. Only materials that pertain to the individual user are made available and automatic updates to the app ensures all users have the most up-to-date materials. No more searching internal systems or navigating confusing folder structures for documents. The flexible navigation structure allows organizations to establish user-friendly interfaces that are custom to their needs

Here’s what you can do with your new Enterprise Engagement Platform:

  • Reference materials such as static PDFs, slides, and workbooks.
  • Engage employees with audio and videos for corporate messages or sharing best practices.
  • Create knowledge checks, assessments, and custom surveys.
  • Push-delivery of new materials and pull content that is outdated or expired.
  • House full interactive training curriculums with back-end tracking and reporting.
  • Track e-learning, phase-based training, home study, compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Download executive-level reports on all interactivity.
  • Review user analytics to see what employees like and reference most often.
  • Produce live interactions, games, and even conduct employee evaluations

Enterprise Mobile Strategy – Turning a New Page
Measurement challenges for our clients have become a thing of the past – it’s now a standard!

After working with a major biotech organization over a period of several years we got to know our client’s business. We suggested a fully integrated enterprise-wide mobile platform to house all their corporate resources. From training materials to compliance guides our system became the “one stop shop” for all their content. Saving over $6M the first year in printed materials alone the platform has become the cornerstone of their mobile strategy. The platform is utilized to conduct interactive training, generate their own assessments, surveys, and knowledge checks and they can measure, measure, measure! They love our reports and they understand the data. That is what keeps them a step ahead of their competition. To date, this system continues to grow across the enterprise and is now used globally for all employees.