Engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused, and profit-generating and employers are more likely to retain them. According to Gallup, employee engagement is a necessary strategy for companies that want to succeed in the marketplace. But how do you do this with a mix of onsite and remote employees, navigating a global landscape, or working across multiple generations in the workplace? Bringing employees closer to increase overall engagement can be done through a single communication tool that maximizes the impact of corporate communications and encourages employee participation. And the best part is - you control it! Simple administrative tools allow you to customize the app based on your organizational culture. You can include all the interactive features or simply grow your engagement strategy over time…either way, isn’t it time to enhance your employee engagement strategy?


A Winning Employee Engagement Strategy – A tale of success!

Our services cater to clients interested in bringing people together and increasing overall employee engagement. 

A client approached 4th Down just prior to a large global meeting with over 350 attendees. We were asked to create a way for the attendees to enhance their professional relationships and provide an internal social network to stay connected. After further consultation, we developed a fully customized communication app or an “interactive employee directory” complete with user profiles and photos. This allowed attendees to connect based on personal interests, by searching for one another, and even allowed them to make connections through their physical proximity at the meeting utilizing iBeacon technology. With this project, we helped our client grow and evolve and removed all geographical boundaries. Today, they have expanded the app to include all of their employees and added features specifically designed for important corporate news and communication from their leadership team. Now everyone feels connected and we are proud to be part of their ongoing employee engagement strategy.