The math isn’t complicated, but the results are startling. Start with a company that has ten VPs. Then figure that their average total compensation per person is a very conservative $250K annually. Let’s say each one spends approximately 20% of his or her time every year in unproductive meetings. Total annual cost to the company of the time lost: $500K. Remember, this was conservative and it’s a half million dollars!

Isn’t it time to demand a high-quality business solution that drives collaboration, captures key points, and measures results providing clear action-oriented next steps?

Innovative organizations everywhere are doing just that. Strategic Excellence utilizes state-of-the-art technology paired with professional facilitation to ensure your strategy sessions are collaborative, engaging, documented, and ultimately have clear measurable outcomes.

Our solution caters to a variety of meetings. From large strategic planning sessions with leaders across the enterprise to smaller Executive Board meetings. Each meeting is fully customized to meet your needs.

Why should Strategic Excellence drive your next meeting?

  • Bridges the gap between strategic planning and execution to drive operational excellence.
  • Empowers leaders with top-to-bottom visibility into their plans and operations.
  • Provides the ability to share strategic objectives across the entire leadership team and track progress toward goals.
  • Creates real-time insight to make confident, informed decisions.
  • Provides collaborative tools so you can course-correct when necessary to achieve unparalleled results.
  • Delivers executive level reporting of meeting minutes to drive critical next steps.

Global Training Launch Strategy
Drive Change. Accelerate Results. Fuel Performance

A client came to us as they were preparing to launch their new Global Learning and Development team. They needed assistance in crafting their overall strategy, identifying their “why” and determining “how” they would deliver consistent training programs across the entire global audience and still allow for cultural and market-place specifics. We convened for two days with the leadership team and utilized our top consultants and latest technology to collaborate and align their purpose and their message to meet their organizational objective. Our interactive whiteboard technology allowed for us to capture their key points and organize them in such a way that their “why” was apparent and their “how” was clear and easily communicated across the global team. Now, several months post-launch, the team consistently refers back to this initial strategy session as one of the “fundamental moments that launched their success”. We’re proud of this accomplishment and look forward to working with this team to ensure they stay on message and continue to meet their goals.